How do you get off?


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We masturbate, it’s true, don’t lie about it. It doesn’t matter where you’re from, what religion or social status. We do it, some more often than others, but we all love it.

Some start as early as 5-6 years of age according to some research others later, but it’s in our nature to be curious about our bodies.

How do we do it?

Well, some people like to take the time to get comfy and romantic in their beds, maybe light some candles, have soft music in the background. Others do it quickly in the shower or simply by standing over the toilet. There are no rules, there is no right or wrong to masturbation, it’s simply an act of relieving us from sexual pressure.

Some watch porn, other simply use their imagination. Others might do it with their partner as in mutual masturbation.

Toys? Oh, yes, yes, yes!! A good vibrator, dong, or other devices should be in every woman’s bedside table. Guys, there is no shame in having a sexual toy in your night stand either, go and look on the internet or if you are short on cash you can use the towel method.

I think it’s a bit unfair that in any sex shop there so many more toys for women than for men, but that’s the way it is. Maybe us women like to get off more often than men?

How often do you get off?



My Erotica and where to find it.


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below you will find a small list of my stories by “kink” and where to find them. This is just a small sample.



Step Play


TGirls 2


Strap On




Cam Girl 2


Under the Veil



FREE (I have 55+ stories on and 5 on You can search on NatashaTsarinaErotic. Here are a few samples)

On Lush

(Taboo) A Dangerous Game

(college Sex/Female) Rebel

On Lit

(Gay/Bi Male) After Party at Angelo’s

For those of you that like to go deeper into taboo, I also have bestiality stories on Smashwords, Kobo Adult and Nook. Search my name for more titles.

(Smashwords) Thor

If you use Kobo Adult or Nook all you have to do is search Natasha Tsarina and my titles come up.

Happy reading!



Custom Erotica Review



A few days ago I had a gentleman ask me to write a custom story for him. He wanted something based on a young female and an older man. I delivered on time and this is what he wrote back to me.

“A fantastic story!  You captured my idea perfectly.  Well written and wonderfully detailed.  I will be using you again in the near future.”

Don’t be shy, turn your fantasy into a sizzling hot story!

New Genre


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After taking the time to think about it I decided to write a few stories about bestiality.

The reason behind it is that I believe in free speech and that people have to right to read what they want. If this genre offends you then you simply don’t have to buy the book.

I personally don’t condone bestiality in real life but having said that, if the reader has a fantasy why not supply him/her with a good story.

For now, they are only available on Smashwords but I will post here when they have been distributed to Smashwords partners.


Max 2

The Dog Sitter


What will the new trends be in 2017?


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I write in several genres, pseudo-incest, lesbian, gay, pegging just to mention a few. As we move into 2017 I wonder what the next hot genre will be? I read a few blogs about a guy who writes about dinosaur sex and it made me laugh. I bet he laughed all the way to the bank since those stories are selling like crazy.

I don’t think I have the ability to write similar stories with fantasy characters such as a T-Rex, and I personally don’t find it exciting. Having said that, there must be a huge market for it or he wouldn’t write them.

I also read an article that stated erotica authors should write what is trending, not what they like to write, especially if they expect to sell any books. I agree with that, I would never engage in pseudo-incest but it’s a popular genre and therefore I write about it.

Coming back to the original question. What will be trending, Lego sex, pens and pencils getting it on while the owners are asleep? I have no idea, but please comment if you do.