Oral Sex, Yes Or NO?


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The other day I was listening to a couple of my coworkers who had a discussion about oral sex. These girls are in their early twenties and date around quite a lot during the summer.

Neither of them would give head and that made me wonder if they did or did not expect the guy to go down on them. I hoped they didn’t because I think that if you want something you need to give something. How could I expect a guy to lick me out if I don’t give him a BJ?

The thing that concerned these young women the most was the cum. I can agree with them that sometimes it’s not the tastiest thing in the world, but there are easy ways to avoid it ending up in your mouth.

Oral sex is a great and exciting foreplay. Bringing each other to the brink of orgasm and then pull back is both fun and sexy in my mind. Not to mention the 69 position which is an amazing experience.

I thought back to my first BJ and how nervous I was at the time. But over the years you perfect your technique until you can control the man’s orgasm like a conductor his or hers orchestra.

In the end, it’s up to each and everyone if they give oral sex. All I’m saying, give it a try. You might find that you like it.

When is the right age to shave your pubic hair?


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The other day I was standing in line at the supermarket. I don’t know what you guys do while waiting for your turn, but I usually play on my phone or people watch. Sometimes I get some really good ideas doing that.

There were two girls ahead of me in the line and they spoke German. I’m good enough at the language that I got the gist of what the topic was, Shaving. And we are not talking armpits or legs here.  Of course, my ears formed into parabola antennas and I think I even leaned in a bit closer.

It turned out that they were sisters, the older somewhere between 18 and 20 and the younger 14 or 15, hard to tell at that age. They obviously didn’t think anyone would understand them since the others in the line were older Spanish women and men. The older girl was advising her sister not to buy the cheap disposable razor but go with a more expensive model. The younger complained that there were no models for women, just men to which the older said it didn’t matter. In the end she bought a Mach 3 from Gillette.

Why do I bring this up? Well, back in the day when I was in my middle teens we only shaved the bikini line and what I understood from the conversation, the younger sister was about to get rid of it all and here lies the issue.

Why would a girl at that age need or want to shave all her pubic hair? Like I mentioned before, for the beach, it’s enough doing the bikin line only. My next thought was, okay, maybe she has a boyfriend and want’s to look pretty for him, which is fine too I guess. And here we have the crux. Are todays standards for teenage girls (and boys) that their boyfriends (or girlfriends) expect them to have a shaved vagina (or penis) and where does that idea come from. The quick answer to that is porn. Personally, I shaved mine completely when I was in my early twenties before that it was a landing strip or similar. Why did I do it? To see how it looked and felt, plain curiosity.

Here is an interesting video from a TED conference where the speaker brings up a case of bullying where the boy was bullied because he did not shave his penis. The Unsexy Thruth About The Hookup Culture

Why we need Bond 26 to be a woman.


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Bond has been trending a lot lately  since its Craig’s last movie as our beloved horny super agent. So, what’s in store for Bond 26?

I say that we need a female Bond. The idea has been around on the web for a while, but sadly not many take it as a serious idea. In todays world of the MeToo movement, it might be strange to talk about a female Bond. The character is quite the playboy and back in the day what he did would not be considered PC. As the years passed, he did behave a bit better, however, in the end he is a womanizer.

What would a female be like? Well, she would be strong both physically and emotionally. She would know what she wanted and how to get it. She wouldn’t be afraid to take a man to bed weather it was for pleasure or business. She would be a killer when needed to be but also have some kind of mercy deeply rooted in her.

Where would she come from?

That is the hardest part. How to introduce her as the new 007. Considering that James Bond has fucked across the globe since the 60’s and we all know that protection wasn’t high on any ones mind until the HIV scare in the 80’s and 90’s. So, it’s very possible that Mr. Bond fathered several children over the years. There could be a litter of Bonds all across the globe as far as we know.

One of them could be a woman in her thirties, looking for her father. When she finds out who he is and what he does, she wants to follow in his footsteps. Secretly joining the MI6 with another name, no one is the wiser. When Mr. Bond is about to retire,she steps forward. Another scenario is that she is a “regular” agent without the 00 rights and when Mr. Bond is retired or dies on a mission, she takes over the 007 and the truth comes out.

There are endless possibilities, but one thing is for sure, the world needs a female Bond.

I’m Back!

Dear fans and followers,

It has been almost 2 years since I posted something here. The reason being I have focused on short stories on Lushstories.com. It is the best way to promote my stories I have on Amazon and other similar sites I have learned. I am happy to announce that my stories on Lush has been read by over a million readers, which is quite amazing in my humble opinion.


So, what’s new in my life? Still single, not looking anything serious. I had a summer fling during summer 2017, summer 2018 was quiet and I focused more on finding a new job, which I have. For summer 2019 I’m looking forward to have some naughty fun with both women and men. What? Yes! At 47 I still love sex and all that comes with it.

Last year I also published a book through Pillow Media which is part of the Simply sxy website. You can find the book here The Newlyweds.

Simply sxy site is here Simply Sxy

Please write a comment or ask a question


How do you get off?


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We masturbate, it’s true, don’t lie about it. It doesn’t matter where you’re from, what religion or social status. We do it, some more often than others, but we all love it.

Some start as early as 5-6 years of age according to some research others later, but it’s in our nature to be curious about our bodies.

How do we do it?

Well, some people like to take the time to get comfy and romantic in their beds, maybe light some candles, have soft music in the background. Others do it quickly in the shower or simply by standing over the toilet. There are no rules, there is no right or wrong to masturbation, it’s simply an act of relieving us from sexual pressure.

Some watch porn, other simply use their imagination. Others might do it with their partner as in mutual masturbation.

Toys? Oh, yes, yes, yes!! A good vibrator, dong, or other devices should be in every woman’s bedside table. Guys, there is no shame in having a sexual toy in your night stand either, go and look on the internet or if you are short on cash you can use the towel method.

I think it’s a bit unfair that in any sex shop there so many more toys for women than for men, but that’s the way it is. Maybe us women like to get off more often than men?

How often do you get off?


My Erotica and where to find it.


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below you will find a small list of my stories by “kink” and where to find them. This is just a small sample.



Step Play


TGirls 2


Strap On




Cam Girl 2


Under the Veil



FREE (I have 55+ stories on Lushstories.com and 5 on Literotica.com. You can search on NatashaTsarinaErotic. Here are a few samples)

On Lush

(Taboo) A Dangerous Game

(college Sex/Female) Rebel

On Lit

(Gay/Bi Male) After Party at Angelo’s

For those of you that like to go deeper into taboo, I also have bestiality stories on Smashwords, Kobo Adult and Nook. Search my name for more titles.

(Smashwords) Thor

If you use Kobo Adult or Nook all you have to do is search Natasha Tsarina and my titles come up.

Happy reading!



Custom Erotica Review



A few days ago I had a gentleman ask me to write a custom story for him. He wanted something based on a young female and an older man. I delivered on time and this is what he wrote back to me.

“A fantastic story!  You captured my idea perfectly.  Well written and wonderfully detailed.  I will be using you again in the near future.”

Don’t be shy, turn your fantasy into a sizzling hot story!